About me

I grew up in Detroit and hold the record as the only little leaguer with a combover. Shortly after college, I followed the follicular lead of the great Telly Savalas and haven't looked back. No need to ask how many years ago that was.

Outside of my grooming habits, I'm a Ph.D. Chemist who left academia after my postdoc at MIT to start my own venture aimed at changing the way researchers are trained and educated.

What I do

At BenchFly, we've developed the premier science video production platform for scientists, bringing expert instruction and support to anyone with an internet connection worldwide.

My work has been published in scientific journals including Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, PNAS, and Science Careers. I'm also available for speaking and consulting engagements.

Get in touch

Whether reconnecting or connecting for the first time I'd love to hear from you. Call me old school, but I'm not a huge Facebook guy so email is the way to go.

Let me know what's on your mind and how I can help!

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