Top 3 Stand-Up Comedians

If you like to laugh, here are three good places to start.

I've been following Brian Regan for over 20 years and he never disappoints. Watch his 2004 special I Walked On the Moon--it will be the best hour of your week. Unfortunately, we lost Mitch Hedberg in 2005, but like Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain, what he left behind was pure genius.

Brian Regan Mitch Hedberg Todd Barry

Top 3 Bands

Give your eardrums a massage with these guys.

Even if the lead singer weren't my brother-in-law, the reggae-rock band The Expendables would be at the top of my list. Gone Soft is a masterful reworking of some of their most popular songs. If you're new to Iration, a Hawaiian band and frequent Expendables touring partner, Time Bomb is a great place to start. Billy Currington puts on a great show and how can you not love a country guy who sings Michael Jackson in the encore?

The Expendables Billy Currington Iration

Top 3 Movies

If you could just go ahead and, ahhh, watch these movies that would be great, mmmk?

If you've ever had a job, driven cross-country with the family, or chased a serial killer you can appreciate why these made the list. Given the choice between watching a "movie" and a "film", I'll usually opt for the movie. Unless you call Old School a film, then I may need to reconsider my choice.

Office Space Dirty Harry National Lampoon's Vacation

Top 3 Cities Where I've Lived

Moving may be painful, but if you end up here it's worth it.

I've truly enjoyed each of the six cities I've lived in, but unlike youth soccer players, not every city wins a trophy (sorry Detroit). Nashville is a perfect mix of big city opportunity, small town accessibility, and southern hospitality--and unlike Boston (winter-winter-winter-summer), it has four actual seasons. However, the culinary and entrepreneurial environments in San Francisco and Boston are truly hard to beat.

Nashville San Francisco Boston