About Alan Marnett

About Me

Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands. -Clint Eastwood

As a kid my career plan consisted of replacing Andre Agassi as the global face of tennis. However, as high school graduation approached it became clear that I was going to need a back-up plan, and fast. I knew I was always a math and science guy--they just made more sense to me. I also realized that I love working at the interface of disciplines, where two fields collide: Can we use chemistry to solve biological problems? Can we use online video to revolutionize scientific research? Can noise-canceling technology silence all Ke$ha songs played anywhere in the world?

As the son and grandson of chemists, I was certainly aware of a possible genetic predisposition to research so it wasn't terribly surprising that I found my place in an organic chemistry lab at Trinity University.

Over the next fifteen years, my research career and interests evolved. I earned a Ph.D. in Chemical Biology from UCSF and performed my postdoctoral research in Neuroscience in the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT. It was during my years in the lab I realized that despite the incredible advances in technology and scientific knowledge in the past 50 years, the training and support process for research scientists was still stuck in the dark ages--and BenchFly was born.

When I die, I want the world to be a little bit better for having had me in it and this desire to make a positive contribution to society is a driving force for everything I do. Well, except maybe for playing golf--that's just a selfish indulgence.